What’s in the School Improvement Bond: Lapeer High School

Over the next couple weeks, we will look at each school facility in the District and focus on the facility needs that would be addressed with the 2022 Zero-Tax-Increase School Improvement Bond, what we call our “Nuts and Bolts” Plan.

Next up is Lapeer High School!

Lapeer High School, built in 1975, is our largest building by student population. Currently, we house grades 10-12 at the facility. If the school improvement bond were to pass in November (and once renovations were completed), the District’s ninth grade population would return to Lapeer High School — a long-term goal of the District.

There’s a lot in the bond for LHS, so let’s take a look:

A major part of the prospective bond work at LHS would happen in the auditorium, a project we discuss here. We use the phrase “long overdue” quite a bit with respect to facility improvements in the District, but there’s probably nothing that fits the description better than the LHS Auditorium. Second on that list is the north parking lot, which we discuss here.

As you would expect, there’s also funding for safety and security in the bond for LHS, as we have also included in the project list at our other schools. In addition, there are several new classrooms in this bond to accomodate the move of ninth graders to the high school.

Were this bond to pass, we would also bid a fond farewell to that strange hill that sits between the parking lots on the south side of LHS (we will explore the reason why it exists in a later post).

There are also funds earmarked for bathroom renovation, plumbing upgrades, roof repairs and a light remodel of support space in the building.

Another major project at LHS would be the construction of a multi-purpose athletic space that would be used for numerous athletic purposes including wrestling (which is currently housed at CFI in an area of the building slated for demolition). We will share more information about this project in a later post.

Finally, there is funding for video production equipment and for the construction of a space for a video production class. This is something we have wanted to offer students for years and we are excited to think about what they could produce in this space!

Reminder: This is a zero-tax-increase school bond that, in essence, is more like a renewal. It is a continuation of the current rate for nine additional years. Passage would allow the District to address both long-term and critical needs that have accumulated over the years since the last successful bond proposal passage in 2007 (also a no-tax-increase bond).

Within the boundaries of Lapeer Community Schools, homestead property owners currently pay 2.75 mills for debt. This is the lowest rate in the entire county. If the November 2022 school improvement bond passes, the rate would remain the same (or even decrease to 2.65 mills) and would continue to be the lowest in Lapeer County.

Save the Date: November 8.

If you have questions about the bond as it relates to LHS, or any other facility, contact Jared Field, LCS Director of Communications at Jared.Field@LapeerSchools.org.

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