Behind the Curtain: Prospective Bond-Funded Improvements at the LHS Auditorium

Over the course of the Zero-Tax-Increase 2022 School Improvement Bond campaign, we will illuminate aspects of the bond project list in order that voters understand how the funds would be utilized across the District.

This week, we turn our focus to the 1970s-era Lapeer High School Auditorium which. For those of you who went to Lapeer East 40-plus years ago, I doubt it would look much different today than it did back then.

It’s like a stroll down memory lane, but not in a good way.

Please click the video to hear from several people who are intimately familiar with our performing arts space and the limitations therein.

As part of our “Nuts and Bolts” no-tax-increase school improvement bond proposal, the LHS Auditorium would receive a long-overdue makeover. The proposal, which will go to voters on November 8, 2022, has earmarked up to $5 million for renovations to the space.

For more information, e-mail Jared Field

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