What’s in the School Improvement Bond: Lynch Elementary

Over the next couple weeks, we will look at each school facility in the District and focus on the facility needs that would be addressed with the 2022 Zero-Tax-Increase School Improvement Bond, what we call our “Nuts and Bolts” Plan.

We will start with our elementary schools. First up, Lynch Elementary!

As you can see, there are nearly $1.4 million in improvements earmarked for Lynch Elementary in the bond.

This amount is less than our other three elementary schools for one main reason: Lynch is our only elementary school with dedicated gym and cafeteria spaces. Our other three schools have one space for both purposes.

If you look at the bond project list for Turrill, Murphy and Schickler, you will see multi-purpose room additions so that they can have dedicated spaces like Lynch.

The main improvements that would be seen at Lynch, if the bond were to pass, would involve safety and security (door locks/barricades/PA system) along with long-overdue improvements to the HVAC system, playground and sidewalks.

It is important that all parents understand that this school improvement bond does not address everything in the District that requires improvement. This proposal will address many needs of a large school district, but we could not cover everything within the parameters of our goal: not raising your taxes.

That said, if the bond were to pass, general fund dollars could be freed up for smaller-scale improvements — like bathrooms, small paving additions, or smaller roof repairs.

Questions? E-mail Jared Field at Jared.Field@lapeerschools.org.

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