What’s in the School Improvement Bond: CFI Campus

Over the last couple weeks, we have looked at each school facility in the District and focused on the facility needs that would be addressed with the 2022 Zero-Tax-Increase School Improvement Bond, what we call our “Nuts and Bolts” Plan.

Next up is the Center for Innovation (CFI), a.k.a. the old West High School campus.

CFI, once the home of the West High School Panthers, was built in 1960 and is our oldest facility. Currently, we utilize the “old West” for a number of purposes (alternative education, athletics, robotics, school and community events, etc.) though, over the last couple years, its usage has diminished.

Let’s take a look at what’s in the bond for CFI:

While only about 5 percent of the 2022 School Improvement Bond has been earmarked for CFI, there is one significant project on this list: Demolition of the northernmost section of the facility, where the little varmint pictured above (and his friends and family) currently resides. There is also money for hazardous material abatement, which is required for demolition of most buildings of this vintage.

This area of the CFI building, on the south end, is slated for a facade improvement.

This project would shrink the overall footprint of the facility by more than 40 percent and would allow the District to hold on to the more viable ports of the facility including the gym, auxiliary gym, south-end classrooms and shop spaces, etc. The northern section would be utilized for expanded parking.

There are also funds in the bond to make improvements to the facade of the facility which, as you know, has become a major eyesore over the years.

Reminder: This is a zero-tax-increase school bond that, in essence, is more like a renewal. It is a continuation of the current rate for nine additional years. Passage would allow the District to address both long-term and critical needs that have accumulated over the years since the last successful bond proposal passage in 2007 (also a no-tax-increase bond).

Within the boundaries of Lapeer Community Schools, homestead property owners currently pay 2.75 mills for debt. This is the lowest rate in the entire county. If the November 2022 school improvement bond passes, the rate would remain the same (or even decrease to 2.65 mills) and would continue to be the lowest in Lapeer County.

Save the Date: November 8.

If you have questions about the bond as it relates to CFI, or any other facility, contact Jared Field, LCS Director of Communications at Jared.Field@LapeerSchools.org.

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