Lapeer County Press Publishes Feature on Bond-Funded Safety and Security Measures

Recently, our friends at the Lapeer County Press published an article on the district-wide safety and security measures that would be funded by the passage of the 2022 School Improvement Bond on Nov. 8. 

The District has earmarked approximately $2 million for safety and security upgrades, which includes strategies to secure classrooms (door locks, barricades) as well as turning the District’s remaining open classrooms into traditional spaces.

The open classrooms are just one example of the types of projects included in the bond that address common deficiencies found in older facilities.

From the County Press:

While the district has placed an added focus on increasing safety standards, there’s “only so much to work with” in terms of general fund money available, said Lapeer County Sheriff Scott McKenna. McKenna, Lapeer Police Dept. Chief Jeremy Howe and district administrators have worked closely together to analyze current safety protocols and plan for any contingency … “LCS has made upgrades all along, but these buildings are old and were not built with any of the security measures that we deal with in our current times,” McKenna said. “The bond helps them focus heavily on these much-needed upgrades.”

To read the full article, you can click this link (free access). 

For more information, e-mail Jared Field, LCS Director of Communications, at

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