Student Voting: Your Questions Answered

If you are a student who is at least 18 years old at the time of the election, and a U.S. citizen, you are eligible to register and to vote in the area of your residency (you need to be a resident for at least 30 days).

If you are a college student you can register to vote with your home address and vote in the November 8 General Election.. If you are away at college out of state, you can still register to vote with your home address.

In addition:

If you have a Michigan driver’s license or state ID card, and you are registered to vote in Michigan, your voter registration address and the address on your ID will be the same.

If you change the address on one, it will automatically change the other. The Secretary of State will mail you a sticker with your new address to place on your license or ID card.

From Michigan Voter Information Center

For more information, visit the Michigan Voter Information Center or e-mail Jared Field, LCS Director of Communications at

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