What’s in the Bond: New Multi-Purpose Athletic Space at LHS

One of the few new construction items in the bond projects list for our “Nuts and Bolts” School Improvement Bond Proposal is found at Lapeer High School. As part of the zero-tax-increase bond, we have proposed the construction of a multi-purpose athletic space that would be utilized for a whole host of student activities including wrestling and physical education.

The space would be a huge addition to our current indoor athletic footprint at LHS for before, during and after-school activities as well as for the District’s wrestling program.

Joe Wood, the District’s Health, Safety and Athletic Supervisor, joined me in the video above to talk about the potential for this new space as well as the current limitations of the single-use wrestling space at CFI (in the wing slated for demolition).

The proposed space (3,360 square feet) would be on the northeast side of the building, kitty corner from the LHS gymnasium (see school map above).

For more information on this project and any other in the Zero-Tax-Increase Bond Proposal, contact Jared Field, LCS Director of Communications, at jared.field@lapeerschools.org.

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