What’s in the School Improvement Bond: Schickler Elementary

Over the next couple weeks, we will look at each school facility in the District and focus on the facility needs that would be addressed with the 2022 Zero-Tax-Increase School Improvement Bond, what we call our “Nuts and Bolts” Plan.

Today we focus our attention on Schickler Elementary!

As we have discussed in the past, this zero-tax-increase school improvement bond addresses long-overdue needs in the District, but by no means all of our needs. Because we have a clear directive from the community to not raise taxes, we had to create a list of projects within strict financial parameters.

As you may have noticed, we have more funds earmarked for Schickler than any other elementary school. There are a couple main reasons for this:

  • At Schickler, there are areas of the building that have open classrooms. These rooms, for a number of reasons (including security), need to be remodeled into traditional spaces, which requires significant investment (over $1,000,000).
  • In addition, Schickler has the greatest need for paving work including the bus loop, the two parking lots, sidewalks and the infamous 40,000 square foot Schickler Drive, which is in dire need of reconstruction.

Schickler, like Turrill and Murphy, would also be slated for the construction of a multi-purpose addition, which would allow for separate lunchroom and gym spaces.

For more information, contact Jared Field at Jared.Field@LapeerSchools.org.

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