What’s in the Bond: Help for our Aged Cheese Wagons

While many foodies seek after aged cheddar and swiss, in the cheese wagon game, older is definitely not better.

For the last decade, the District has been replacing the old and tired buses in the fleet at an unsustainable rate — half the rate necessary to maintain a healthy fleet.

The reason for this is simple: The District has not passed a school improvement bond, like the proposal that will go to voters on November 8, since 2007. As is the case with many big-ticket items, the District’s annual budget does not provide enough funds to cover the typical replacement schedule. In a district the size of ours (with 225 square miles and a lot of rough gravel roads), the wear and tear on buses is significant.

To this point, we have been able to maintain our fleet with purchases of used buses and lots of maintenance from our incredible mechanics; but, after nearly a decade, 50 percent of our fleet is 10-18 years old and well beyond a normal replacement schedule of 8-10 years. These older, high-mileage buses are incredibly expensive to maintain and are notoriously unreliable.

As listed in our bond project rundown, our Nuts and Bolts proposal would provide for the purchase of 10 new buses to replace some of our aging fleet.

For more information, contact Jared Field at Jared.Field@lapeerschools.org.

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