HVAC SOS: Bond Would Improve Climate Control Systems Across the District

After a climb up an old iron ladder adjacent to the auditorium, I found myself in an area of Lapeer High School known only to our custodians (and whomever left a Lapeer East Class of 1997 framed photo up there). 

Deanna, my tour guide, quickly pointed to an old HVAC control unit.

“Here’s the one you have to hit to get it going,” she said.

She wasn’t kidding. 

As many of you know (and I know many of you know because I’ve heard from many of you who know), there are issues with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) in many of our buildings. In some of our schools, it is like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, passing through different climate zones all along the journey.

If you have skimmed through our list of bond projects, you may have noticed that many buildings would receive significant upgrades for HVAC. The goal of the improvements would be to fully climate control all the traditional classrooms in the District. 

At Lapeer High School, for example, there are funds earmarked for:

  • A/C unit replacement
  • Adding A/C to additional classrooms
  • Adjustment of HVAC system for split classrooms
  • Upgraded temperature control panel

In addition, there would also be funds for HVAC at all our elementary schools and for the geothermal systems at Rolland-Warner and Zemmer. 

These improvements are just a few examples, among many more, of why we are calling the November 2022 School Bond Proposal a “nuts and bolts” plan. The vast majority of the projects that would be addressed by the bond are long-overdue needs related to the daily operations of our schools — the basics. After all, there are many aspects of the HVAC system at LHS which are almost 50 years old!

Questions? Contact Jared Field at jared.field@lapeerschools.org.

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