November 8 School Bond Election: Request Your Absentee Ballot Today!

If you plan on voting in the November 8 general election, now is the time to have a plan. Will you vote in person or absentee? If you plan to vote absentee, make sure you get your ballot application completed.

Absentee voting is available to any registered voter.

You can vote (via absentee ballot) at your home precinct, during regular hours, or on the Saturday prior to election day. If you plan on voting early, make sure to call ahead to ensure the times for your local polling place.


Voters may request an absent voter ballot or accessible voter ballot in a variety of ways. Voters can complete an online application at or submit an application, large print application, letter, or postcard to your local clerk. Find your local clerk at Requests for absent voter ballots may be returned may be returned by hand, via postal mail, fax or email, as long as a signature is visible.

You can apply for your absentee ballot online here.

If you have not yet registered to vote, you can do so online.

Please note: If you plan on completing your voter registration online, you must vote in person the first time. If you register at your home precinct, you may vote absentee as a first-time voter.

The State of Michigan provides all residents with a number of resources for voting. The Michigan Voter Information Center is full of helpful information for anyone who wants to register to vote, apply for an absentee ballot as well as contact information for your local clerk’s office.

Follow this link to visit the Michigan Voter Information Center.

For more information about the LCS 2022 School Improvement Bond, contact Jared Field, LCS Director of Communications,

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