Frequently Asked Question: What is a Zero-Tax-Increase School Bond?

For the majority of school bond proposals, one of the major parts of the informational campaign is centered on cost to individual homeowners. Generally, school districts give voters access to a bond calculator that will show them how much additional they will pay on their property taxes if the school bond proposal were to pass.

Here’s the best news: You won’t see a bond calculator, because our proposal does not increase the current tax rate for property owners in the District.

This is a zero-tax-increase school bond that, in essence, is more like a renewal. It is a continuation of the current rate for nine additional years. Passage would allow the District to address both long-term and critical needs that have accumulated over the years since the last successful bond proposal passage in 2007 (also a zero-tax-increase bond).

This bond would provide approximately $44 million in funding for improvement projects across the District (increased security, new paving, roofs, heating and cooling improvements, etc.). 

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